Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Satillite Show&Tell


"Early Man",  18.5 x 14.25"
  printed by hand onto 20.5" x 17" Kitakata paper.
19.25"x15", Wedding Procession.

Above is a cherry woodblock in progress.
Not one of the Garden 12,
but of the same world and time period,
"a place off the normal routes of travel,
where one would not willing venture."

The block itself, before printing, 
is always so beautiful
that I've decided to photograph them.
Once printed, they will never look like this again.
the 18"x15.25" print....artist proof.

The Religionator
heads up an ongoing body of work in progress.
 "The Religionator"

 "Some mice are not meek"

 "Betty's Nightclub", a.p.#1.  cell phone pic of print hanging to dry. 

Below "Early Man",  18.5 x 14.25"

 is printed by hand onto 20.5" x 17" Kitakata paper. 

 I'm able to present Early Man so wonderfully here because I go to Picture Salon!

................More to come............... 





The following tins are actual sardine, kippered snack and anchovy tins, 
which have been chased, repoussed, and reassembled with various metals 
and sometimes glass eyes. 
They are all numbered, signed and dated. 
There are about 27 of them, maybe 30. 
I got going too fast for a show and forgot to photograph them.  
I will be making more.
The two above are regular, King Oscar Sardine Tins, 
directly below is a Kippered Snack tin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ There will be more! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I made me a set of personal filters. 
Residing close to my ears, they will listen and hear 
whatever comes off the radio, out of speakers, out of mouths, hearing everything within earshot in all my surroundings. 
They will hear it all. 
Absorbing all,
 before any of it has a chance to reach MY ears.
They will filter out all bad, 
all lies, 
and all disturbing noise. 
I suppose that's why they have already disturbed expressions.
Better on their faces than mine.
I've been wearing them now for a good half a day, 
and I have to say, 
I think they work!

The Wedding Procession 
is one of another body of work 
involved in the "garden" series. 
I'll elaborate more as post.

Two of six "advertisements" for the Furry Bits Sicum Dog Food Company.
No animals were hurt during these drawings.
All were local indigenous beasts  
hired from the Driftless Area of Southwest Wisconsin..
A difficult drawing to execute.
There was much chaos on the set.
Directing so many actors 
to lay still was intense, 
requiring large quantities of edible bribes
since they don't have
natural patience for the motionless stillness the artist required.

The 22"x30" official Furry Bit Sicum Dog Food plant portrait,
watercolor on Twin Rocker Watercolor paper: